Lemur Midi Step Sequencer 8


Advanced Project design to sequence midi instrument : 

Midi Step Sequencer 8 voices


UTC-LEM-MSS8 is a multi sequencer midi 8 voices application control for midi instrument.

Take touch control of midi sequence in unique dedicaced application.

Randomization for all Sequences, Notes, Steps in one view for better creativity.

8 Step Sequenceur half to 64 Steps with random and preset per voice.

Led indicator per voices.

Midi 1 to 8 channel.

UTC-LEM-MSS8 can work directly without computer and plugin, just plug midi interface from iPad to your midi instrument, and give you an amazing screen for work and play everywhere.

UTC-LEM-MSS8 only used midi control, there is no sounds inside.

UTC-LEM-MSS8 is a project of Lemur Liine Application for IOS and Android.

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